Welcome to the Museum

Not far from the Eiffel Tower, right in the heart of Paris, the Wine Museum welcomes you to enjoy timeless moments in its 15th century vaulted cellars.

The Wine Museum – The Site

The museum’s permanent collection contains more than 2000 items and has been under the ownership of the Echansons Council of (Le Conseil des Échansons de France) since 1984. The collection pays tribute to all who have laboured to produce world renowned wines. There are allusions to trades and traditions which depict thousands of years of savoir-faire and the wealth of our heritage.


Our Origins

The Wine Museum came to life through the passion of the members of the Echansons Council of France (le Conseil des Echansons de France). The objective of this association is the defense and promotion of French wines throughout the world. The council was in search of its headquarters and hoped to put together a collection of wine-related objects accessible to the public. Today there are over 2,200 items on display. Such origins give the museum a sense of neutrality and independence which we are very proud today.

Our Mission

In existence since 1984, the museum aims to transmit its passion for wine and food service.

Our Team

Our team of sommeliers, wine experts and highly qualified oenologists are at your service for museum tours, lunches and event… superb, timeless experiences in an out-of-the-ordinary enchanting site.

 Our Activities

accueil-degustationAll year round, the Wine Museum of Paris offers wine tasting classes to private individuals and organises conferences and themed evening events such as the discovery of wine and food from countries throughout the European Union.

In the former cellars of the Passy Abbey, the restaurant staff invites you to have a timeless meal in their 15th century vaulted cellars. You can select your meal from our à la carte menu. The museum can also be rented by professionals and companies for the personalization of events. Events include but are not limited to seminars, soirées, dinners or even wine-based activities and theme-based workshops (with or without alcoholic beverages) to train the olfactory and gustatory senses.

The museum is also a professional training centre. Our team is made up of wine experts, technicians and sommeliers whose top priority is to respond to your specific career needs and expectations..

The Wine Museum is also...

  • Les Echansons Restaurant
  • A wine cellar of more than 200 references
  • A training centre for private individuals and professionals
  • A venue for events

  • Gift ideas for any occasion
  • A boutique with numerous items such as corkscrews, tastevins, drip stoppers with the museum logo (or your company logo), books and pendants...
  • Conferences

  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Patronage